This is the online permaculture design course as accredited by the permaculture association

Lead Teacher :

Graham Bell


Mark Shipperlee; Caspar Lampkin; Kate Everett


2 to 26 of June 2020

Online Sessions

Tue, Wed, Fri Afternoon ( 1pm to 5.50pm )


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Online Permaculture Design Course

This is the full permaculture design course as accredited by the permaculture association.

Graham Bell, the U.K.’s longest serving teacher is coming to lead on this one with a few other facilitaters coming to share their expertise too.

The course will cover the ethics, principles and the design tools and methods. There will also be a variety of specific sessions ranging from forest garden implementation and maintenance to food preservation and from non-violent communication to sustainable building. And lots about how to care for and improve our soils.

We will learn from nature how to manage systems well which provide for all human needs. That may start with growing our own food. But it surely includes how we manage all our energy usage- building homes and workplaces which are energy efficient and delightful, working together to make sustainable management of all our society needs. Creating trade structures which are fair for all. Looking after our people, our land and all living things. Leaving the world at least as healthy and abundant as we found it, whilst treading lightly on the planet in our journey. Bringing wealth creation to the places it is most needed with consequent improvement to health and happiness.

The permaculture design course is an unforgettable and life-changing experience full of fascinating insights, helping you realise your life’s dreams, and supporting others to do the same.

This course will happen June 2nd to June 26th 1pm to 5.50pm BST online on Zoom that’s four weeks Tuesday Wednesday and Friday afternoon.
There will be further assignments to do individually or in small groups between the interactive sessions. It will be amazing (that’s a promise).
It will be accredited by both the Permaculture Association Britain and Permaculture Institute Australia.


You will pay what you can afford.
Our suggestions are:
– £240 low income
– £440 median income
– £660 good income.

The offer you make is up to you.  No-one will be excluded because of their chosen payment.  Nor will they be judged by it… If we can achieve a balance through honesty and trust the better off enable those less well off to participate. If you need to discuss what you are paying or need time to pay.  That’s fine.  Just agree it first.


There are 22 places available for learners (maximum).
First come first served.  But if we are oversubscribed we’ll run it again.

We teach the curriculum agreed by the Permaculture Association Britain.  And you get a certificate if you complete the course.

If you are interested please e-mail to register.






The first PDC to take place in Orkney

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